Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves Company


All-natural Fruit Butters

Our all-natural luscious fruit butters are made with 100% Ontario-grown fruit, kettle-cooked slowly, with a touch of golden honey from Northumberland County in Eastern Ontario.

Announcing our newest product!

Elderberry and Wild Ginger Fruit Butter - our newest flavour, and a real winner!  Flavourful purple elderberries from southern Ontario, combined with a dash of tangy ginger, and a taste of golden Canadian honey.

Pear and Sweetgrass Fruit Butter - a luscious fruit butter made with 100% Bartlett pears from the Niagara fruit belt in southwestern Ontario.

Plum and Lavender Fruit Butter - a rich and intensely-flavoured fruit butter made with 100% Ontario-grown purple plums, with a hint of fragrant lavender.

Peach and Passionflower Fruit Butter - a tangy fruit butter made with exclusively with Ontario-grown peaches from the Niagara region of Ontario, with a touch of Canadian honey to impart a subtle sweetness to this exceptional product.

Apple and Red Clover Fruit Butter - an outstanding apple butter, made with 100% Ida Red apples grown in Ontario, but without the typical sticky, carmelized flavour of most fruit butters.  Different and unique!

Blueberry-Cranberry and White Willow Fruit Butter - a truly unusual fruit butter, combining the fresh taste of Ontario blueberries with the tartness of cranberries.

All-natural Chutneys for Cheese - Coming Soon!

Apple, Pear and Ginger Chutney - TBD

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