Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves Company

Mill Pond Cannery - article in Summer 2011 edition of Edibles Toronto 

notable3Old-fashioned fruit butters using old-fashioned ingredients; you won’t find any additives or preservatives, refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners of any kind in Mill Pond products. They’re made using an old-time recipe and unrefined sweeteners, like 100 percent Ontario honey or maple syrup. It’s food to feel good about.

Donna and her brother-in-law Dave Smythe are the dynamic duo behind Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves. Four years ago, Dave, who lives in Prince Edward County, and Donna, who makes her home in Toronto, set out to create a product that would embody their personal food philosophies, something delicious that would closely link to a sense of place and the people behind it. And so, with a delectable mixture of Ontario-grown fruit, natural Ontario sweeteners and vinegars, and an indigenous herb (to subtly lift the flavour), Mill Pond fruit butters were born.

Different from jams, fruit butters are cooked long and low for many hours in order to concentrate the fruit flavours and bring out their natural sweetness. The result is a smooth, spreadable paste with the consistency of room-temperature butter, hence the term. It’s great on toast, but don’t limit its use to your morning meal. Because of their intense flavour, Mill Pond fruit butters also make an excellent addition to salad dressings, marinades, glazes, sauces and reductions. Bake fish spread with Peach & Passion Flower, slather Plum & Lavender on cheese, glaze pork chops with Apple & Red Clover, or bake brie and walnuts with Pear & Sweetgrass.

The six delightful flavours of Mill Pond fruit butters are available at select food boutiques across Ontario, including Fiesta Farms, McEwan Foods, Culinarium, and the Garden Market at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, Ouderkirk & Taylor in Guelph, and Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. in Picton.

Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves Company Ltd.

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